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Face Masks for Feminists

The Beginners Guide to Nourishing Rituals (Feminist Face Masks)

  • We all live an age of overwhelm, in a society that pushes for achievement; being the best and especially for women, looking the best (or at the very least looking their personal best). We’re constantly striving, pushing toward goals, and fired up. However, this takes a huge toll on our health, well-being, and psyche. We are living our lives by an individualistic model, often finding ourselves feeling lonely and isolated, or overwhelmed and too busy to have fun without using escape (alcohol, television, etc.–what Brenee Brown calls soft addictions). You long for connection and a break, with only a few hours to spare each weekend, how can we do both? How can we enrich our lives, relax and energize? It seems impossible. Enter the spa culture. Which at its core is awesome, however in the past century the emphasis has turned from R&R, to “treat yo self” (at the cost of your credit) and fix yourself (we’ll help you lose your unattractive 10lbs and clear your acne). Our multi-tasking culture has infiltrated our relaxing, talk about oxymoron.

  • I have a background studying the sacred, art history and as an artist. I have years of experience working in health (esp. the beauty side of things). I’ve worked at make-up counters and clothing stores. One thing that always stood out is how readily women will put themselves down, often without even realizing it. “I need to cover this up”, or “You can pull this off, but it would look terrible on me”. Lies ladies! What if you could wear whatever you want? Or forget to wear make-up?
    Consumer culture has perpetuated the myth that we can solve our “problems” with a quick swipe of plastic. We all know this, and we still buy into it. But they’re just trying to fix the symptoms, and are ignoring the cause. (isolation, unhealthy habits etc) They’re slapping a band-aid on an emotional wound.
    I have moved up the health spectrum through refreshing my habits to the ones I already “knew deep down” were good for me, but just didn’t know where to start. I also found that social pressure was a key reason I wasn’t partaking in the habits I wanted to. Everyone was drinking (huge trigger for me), ramping up, hanging out in junky lit places (movies, strobes, tv), bingeing for fun (giving each other permission to have bad habits for fun–lets make a cake and eat it all, let’s get that burger–we wanted to relish in the rebellion against our own bodies), hanging out around iffy or toxic chemicals (nail salons), spending a stressful amount of money while shopping. I’ve learned to take the initiative to build healthy nourishing habits into my life, but what the hell does that look like when you’re beginning? I didn’t know where to start and wasn’t ready to dive into the deep end. So this blog outlines how you can create these healthy social habits that enrich your life, instead of adding to the chaos. Some of these can be started solo, others require group settings to be effective.

What is “nourishing ritual”?

  • Holistic gatherings built around DIY face masks for women who want to add more intentional habits to their life while also taking care of themselves and building their community.

  • This doesn’t have to be woo-woo unless you want it to be (we have a woo-woo rating on each ritual. And this isn’t another hundred buck goopy product solution. This ritual is designed to be accessible, enriching (making you think more deeply about certain ideas), connecting, and simple. (I believe in self-care, but you can’t find self-acceptance in a manicure). It isn’t focused on eliminating problems, but instead with building up your inner beauty and rising up. Helping your body and mind get to a state of healing, inside and out. It’s nourishing, not stripping, on a cellular level. And it’s fun! Fun in a way that is enlivening and adds to your life, instead of taking away. it’s taking this ritual back to its roots back in ancient Rome, it makes us take off our masks of make-up and fancy clothes you’re hiding behind. The face mask as a radical act. It gets us into a state that we can build further into our lives–comfy clothes, no make-up, no fuss. I’ll explore ways to take this concept deeper (turn your home into a spa (making room for our mess), develop a holistic wardrobe, soften pain points of modern society). It’s one tiny accessible step for humankind that encompasses so many opportunities for healing.

How to get started with your face mask rituals

  • What do you need to get started.
    Each ritual will differ but the bare basics you’ll need: A tea pot or way to brew loose leaf tea, clean mixing vessels, candles, towels and washcloths you don’t mind getting dirty, some space to get comfy cozy, bowls for mixing, comfy clothes, ingredients, at least one other human (an invitation) and an open mind.
    Optional: essential oil diffuser, eco-art supplies, hydrosol bottle, symbolic representation (crystals, flowers, herbs, art, etc.)

Tips for Success in Hosting Gatherings

  • Invite others and make it a regular thing, put it on the calendar.
  • Send out a nice invite that makes it extra special. On paper, over the phone, a fancy text–just a little bit extra to begin
  • Emphasize that you start on time, and end on time
  • Take the time to clear a little space for this experience, space in your day, and also in your home.
  • Step out of your comfort zone a little
  • Use organic, plastic-free materials if possible
  • Utilize sensory cues like music, aroma, and visual stimuli.
  • Keep your groups small to start, nice and easy
  • Follow the recipe!

Common Questions/FAQ About Feminist Face Mask Gatherings

  • Who can participate in this gathering? What age should people be?
    • Anyone! Often you’ll feel drawn to gather with people that you are interested in having a deeper relationship with, who you are open to being vulnerable with. Who you feel are nourishing. Be inclusive, if you’re on the fence about someone, just invite them! Encourage other people to bring someone too. This ritual can also be deeply healing if you’re doing it on your own, but I invite you to add a meditation, such as a loving kindness meditation, that will connect you with something outside of yourself.
  • What sort of ingredients will you be using for your face masks? Can I expect to see measurable results?
    • All ingredients are natural and something that you’ll be able to find at your local health food store or order online. Some will be so simple you can just head to your pantry, while other more specialized masks will require a bit more work, like any good cookbook, some will require you to get out of your comfort zone and try new things.
    • You can expect to see nourishing results from the facemasks, an activity you can continue after the gathering as well. But the emphasis is not on “fixing” but instead taking care of yourself and adding what your skin and body needs. You can get great results from the things you already have in your kitchen!
  • How much should I budget for a gathering? how do I set up my home to host?
    • Short paragraph answer
  • How will this make me healthier?
    • Article on the importance of community for health
    • natural skin care stats
  • What will we be doing?
    • creative activities
    • discussing the topic in depth and based on own experiences
    • theraputic activities: meditation,
  • What needs do your skin care masks address?
    • Short paragraph answer

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